Bioacify - Acidifier for Aqualture

Bioacify - Microencapsulated acidifier with EPO complex

Producing aquaculture without using antibiotic growth promoters represents a challenge. Disease problems often are elevated and general performance is compromised on farms practicing non-medicated swine or poultry production. Many producers are looking for alternative growth promoters or management strategies.

Bioacify is very effective in improving the animal’s ability to prevent pathogenic bacteria from colonizing in the intestinal system resulting in better performance. Bioacify can effectively be used as replacement to AGP. The highly enhanced antimicrobial effect of Bioacify prevents the growth of moulds and fungi in finished feed and helps in feed preservation.

Microencapsulated with Unique delivery mechanism:

Bioacify is a naturally microencapsulated free flowing acidifier. The active contents are held between the microscopic layers of the unique carrier.

Microencapsulation ensures safety in handling, as there is no direct contact with acids. Bioacify is non corrosive and does not corrode the important parts of the machine. Bioacify is easy to handle and store.

Bioacify technology is based on SSRA (slow and sequential release) delivery mechanism which ensures a slow release of the active ingredients during natural peristaltic movements in the gut and removes metabolites thus maintaining an optimum pH throughout the gut.

Bioacify Acids :

Bioacify is a synergistic combination of organic and inorganic acids with strong antimicrobial properties. They work effectively in Feed and animal gut.

Bioacify EPO complex:

Bioacify consist of EPO complex which makes the outer cell wall of gram negative bacteria permeable, thus allowing easy entry and accumulation of acids. These acids release their proton and micro-organisms uses their energy to expel these protons leading to disrupted cell functions and eventual cell death.

EPO complex in Bioacify results in enhanced antimicrobial effect.

Bioacify Physiologial additives:

The combined effect of components of Bioacify along with Physiological additives shows a synergistic effect on the animals and results in creating a healthy gut Microflora.

Major Components:

  • Blend of well-balanced organic and inorganic acids
  • Physiological Additives
  • Multi layered Carrier
  • EPO complex

Benefits of Bioacify

  • Slow and Sequential release of active ingredients in the whole digestive tract.
  • Uptake and removal of metabolites from gut and improved litter consistency.
  • Supports healthy gut micro flora.
  • Prevents diarrhoea and other bacterial related digestive disorders.
  • Healthier, faster growing animals.
  • Improved feed conversion, better economics.
  • Suppression of Salmonella transmission to eggs and carcass.
  • Overall safe product, non-hazardous, no residue, no resistance, no withdrawal time.
  • User friendly as it is easy to mix with all kinds of feed and its non-corrosive.
  • Preservation of finished feed.
  • Improved lactobacilli/ E coli ratio.

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