Biosoftt Plant

Biosoftt Plant

Now days considering changes in environmental conditions, food safety is a major concern and threat. The smallest error can have disastrous consequences to profit of the business.

Quality of water in plants is very much important to leave a chance. Responsibility of the F&B industry towards practice of good quality water for all food-processing operations is paramount important considering hygienic reasons. Selecting an effective solution to such a vulnerable segment can be an important decision since the water used in operations can affect the quality of a product, shelf life and fulfilment of the end users.

We have invented "Proprietary technology that means the future of cleaning capabilities are available to you today", Our products help you stay one step ahead in the competition and ensure you excel in terms of water quality, overall food safety and environmental regulations.

Our high quality solutions designed for better cleaning, excellent hygiene standards, reduction of chemicals used, reduced consumption of water and energy, with constant improvement in productivity at your plant.

BIOSOFTT PLANT is eco-friendly, broad spectrum, non-toxic, versatile water conditioner and ideal for F&B industry due to its unique, properties like colourless, odourless and tasteless.

BIOSOFTT PLANT highly effective and economical technology to help to keep your product quality uniformly high, and spares you from the risk and expense of contaminated production and wasted raw materials ensuring your brand integrity.

Application Areas:

  • Water treatment for Clean in Place/Storage tanks
  • Aerial Fumigation
  • Surface and Instrument Cleaning
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Vegetable/Fruit washing
  • Decontamination of meat and fish
  • Hand wash
  • Bottle/ Tins /Cans cleaning etc.


  • No rinsing required. Treated water can be directly used for washing.
  • No Change in pH and colour ,taste of food products.
  • No Change in color & texture on Application on Meat and Fish
  • Remains effective in high temperatures.
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