Biosoftt P

Biosoftt P

Biosoftt P is versatile ready to use water conditioner for animal health applications and overall farm hygiene.

Water treated with Biosoftt P can be successfully applied for spraying, nebulisation or (thermo) fogging. Cleaning whether on-farm or in clinic can be effectively carried out with Biosoftt P treated water.


Biosoftt P is effective in a wide range of water applications, primarily for surface cleaning, hand wash and water treatment etc.

  • Hatchery/ Farm management
  • Shed management
  • Egg wash
  • Rendering plants/ Carcass screw chillers
  • Hygiene management in rendering plants
  • Aerial fog (Fog in presence of animals)
  • Foot and Loading truck wash
  • Trays and trolleys
  • SPF units

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